The 10 most arduous film productions

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Fitzcarraldo - Anchor Bay Entertainment Ltd

Brace yourself – Friedkin, Coppola and Herzog are on the war path.

While many film crews have suffered for their art, it would be fair to say that some have suffered more than others. Film shoots are not the most glamorous of affairs at the best of times, but some have been dogged with such inordinate amounts of quarrelling, exhaustion and misfortune they deserve to be recognised as truly arduous film productions.


The Exorcist

the exorcist linda blair

Director William Friedkin’s methods of extracting great performances from his actors on the set of The Exorcist were unorthodox to say the least. Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn both sustained back injuries during the shoot, and what’s more is that the takes in which they were injured are used in the film. Friedkin was similarly unsympathetic when non-actor (and real priest) Fr. William O’Malley was unable to get emotional delivering the last rites; Friedkin hit him in the face prior to a take. Most bizarrely, to elicit shock Friedkin would simply fire a gun without warning.


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