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10 celebrity biopics we’d love to see

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From stories of hellraisers hailing from either side of the Atlantic to tragic musicians, we’ve got the bios covered.

The latest trailer for the forthcoming James Brown biopic, Get On Up, has inspired us to demand Hollywood (or at least Pinewood) turn their hand to a few more stars whose names we want to see in lights. Here are 10 biopics we’d soil ourselves to see on the big screen.


Elliott Smith


Troubled musicians make for the best biopic subjects – Mark Linkous would be another candidate, and there are about 20 Jeff Buckley films in the works. Though this one isn’t going to have much of a happy ending for the main character, there’s definitely an appetite for it – Smith is regarded as one of the most underrated musicians of his generation, with his unique, reedy delivery soon to be celebrated in a documentary on his life, Heaven Adores You.


Casting: Conor Oberst


Featured image: MGM

Inset image: Nils Breunese (via Flickr)


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