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10 classic Cold War thrillers to keep you on the edge of your seat

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As Hanks and the ‘Berg announce a new Cold War project, a look back on ten of the best.

It was announced this week that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg will reunite for a fourth time, collaborating on a Cold War thriller, based on the true story of an attorney who negotiated the release of an American pilot captured by the Soviets. Interest in this fascinating period of history appears to be heating up once more on the silver screen, so we’re taking a look back at ten classic Cold War thrillers. Turn back now James Bond fans, you’ll find none of that escapism here.


10. Munich

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Spielberg is no stranger to the Cold War thriller, having directed this suspenseful film based on the covert Israeli mission of vengeance against the Palestinian terrorists who kidnapped and murdered their Olympic team in 1972. Despite a few groan-inducing missteps, Spielberg fashions a chilling indictment of the Israel/Palestine conflict and the secret wars that rage between nations.


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