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10 potentially great movies that turned out inexplicably awful

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We had such high hopes for these cinematic adventures. And then…


Alex Turner once famously said: “Anticipation has the habit to set you up for disappointment in evening entertainment”, and never has this been more apparent than in cinema. A director may have a run of successes, only to fall when his audience is at its highest, or an actor might misjudge a seemingly decent script only for Brett Ratner to sign on to helm it.

Making a film is also a gamble, as it usually costs the gross GDP of Luxembourg to make a Hollywood production these days, and if it fails it can take time for a studio executive to trust a filmmaker again. But most importantly, it’s moviegoers that suffer, especially when they’ve waited all year in feverish excitement and then slapped in the face with something crushingly below par (I was a fool to think Jurassic Park 3 would be any good, a fool). So, in an attempt to create a sense of catharsis, here is a selection of the ten biggest disappointments in modern cinema.

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