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10 reasons today’s teens need to watch Mean Girls

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Turns out ‘fetch’ did happen.


In the last 10 years Mean Girls has become the cornerstone of high school horror shows. A zeitgeist for kitten heels and backhanded compliments, the film gives an only slightly exaggerated insight into what being a teenager in the 2000s was like.

If it was made today Regina would have 2,000 Instagram followers and they’d get crunk listening to Azealia Banks instead of Missy Elliot. Karen would end up modelling for American Apparel and everyone would be arrested for cyber bullying the fat girl who just has ‘a lot of feelings’. But apart from these smaller details, I feel that much would stay the same. Like Heathers and Clueless before it, Mean Girls will remain a timeless tribute to how awful girls can be to each other.

If you haven’t watched it then you must be some sort of home-schooled super freak. Sort it out babe. For reals though, Mean Girls is a movie we should all see. It’s witty, bitchy and, at points, painfully honest. Being a teenager is hard, and we could all use a little guidance navigating the awkward years. There’s way more than ten reasons to catch up if you haven’t, but these are probably the best.

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