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10 unexpectedly great movie sequels

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Excited for 22 Jump Street? These unexpectedly excellent sequels suggest you should be.

22 Jump Street, the sequel to the comedy smash hit of 2012, 21 Jump Street, arrives in cinemas this week and fans have their fingers crossed that it is even funnier than its predecessor. Sequels by and large are not considered to be on par with the films they come after, so when a sequel comes along that is actually just as good as or, dare we say better than, the original, it is cause for celebration.

Here is a list of ten unexpectedly great movie sequels.


Rambo (2008)

john rambo 2008

John Rambo comes out of hiding to guide some missionaries across the Burmese border. When they are captured by the military junta, he mounts a blood soaked rescue operation.

Returning to the more psychological roots of the brilliant First Blood, while retaining the wholesale slaughter of the previous sequels, added a little more depth to John Rambo (although not too much). The film does not quite cast Rambo’s actions in a heroic context, but rather those of a man who is good at what he does. Only what he does ain’t pretty.


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