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20 Marvel Characters That Need To Join The MCU

Heroes, villains and vigilantes await the MCU

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The Future Of The MCU

As 2019 looms ahead of us all, fans around the world are eager to see the final films of the MCU’s phase three. This includes Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 (working title). Rumors, fan theories and set photos giving fans an idea of who will live, who will die and who will be left to fight the good fight after the final battle with Thanos, the next question is: who will emerge in the aftermath? With the upcoming deal between Disney and Fox nearly settled, the MCU is primed for a whole slew of new heroes, villains and everything in between.



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The time for the MCU to delve further into the world of magic and the supernatural is upon us. One of Marvel’s earliest successes before the MCU was the epic Blade franchise staring Wesley Snipes. With the epic cosmic battle with Thanos set to end, what better time to explore the dark supernatural side of the MCU than with a television series starring the daywalker himself. Perhaps a gritty Netflix or other streaming service style show would help bring the vampires into the MCU.



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With female heroes becoming more and more popular and finally getting the spotlight they deserve, phase 4 of the MCU is primed for this amazing female Avengers style group known as A-Force. The comics featured members such as Captain Marvel and She-Hulk, which would make for a fantastic film. However we could also see the roster changing to fit into a television series, perhaps with less featured heroes like Squirrel Girl and the new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), or even Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew).


Moon Knight

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The time to explore the vigilante hero Moon Knight is perfect for the MCU going forward. The story is of Marc Spector, an ex-mercenary granted the power of justice and becomes the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. His struggle with DID (disassociative identity disorder) is the mental health story the superhero genre needs to tackle gracefully. It highlights their struggle and also shows how people can overcome that illness to live productive lives. He’s also considered a Batman-like character for Marvel, making him perfect for his own series. We could see someone like Joe Anderson or even voice actor Troy Baker tackling a role like this.



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After the powerful struggle of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk/Bruce Banner, fans around the world are very familiar with the Hulk story. Yet few outside of comic circles know the rest of the Hulk family. Exploring the gamma side of the MCU could be the perfect way of introducing Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk. Bruce’s cousin and high powered attorney, Jennifer becomes She-Hulk, giving her the abilities and power of a Hulk while maintaining her identity and career she had before. A film franchise or series would bring the gamma side of the MCU to life perfectly, and give creators a chance to explore other characters like Red Hulk, The Leader and more.


Daimon Hellstrom

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Also known to many fans as the son of Satan, Daimon is another perfect character to introduce with the supernatural side of the MCU. He and his sister Satana were raised and trained by their father in the dark arts and magic, but she embraced her demonic heritage while Daimon clung to his humanity. Seeing this play out would bring an interesting family dynamic while exploring the darker side of the MCU. With the success of Lucifer on Fox and now Netflix, this move would make a lot of sense.


West Coast Avengers

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With the final battle with Thanos near, the future of the Avengers is unknown at this point. If somehow some heroes survive from the original team, perhaps Hawkeye will be that survivor, or at least one of them. If that’s the case, it would be interesting to see him take the reigns of leader for a new team, the West Coast Avengers. This would give audiences a chance to see characters like Tigra and Wonder Man appear. Wonder Man has long been hoped to be seen played by veteran actor Nathan Fillion. With other heroes like The Vision and Mockingbird, this would be a great team to see come together.


Captain Britain

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Brian Braddock is the original Captain Marvel. After nearly passing away in an accident after escaping an attack by a villain, the ancient Merlyn appears to him and gives him the power to become Captain Britain. It turns out that he is now one of several Captain Britains spanning the multiverse, serving as a Captain Britain Corps that protects Britain and upholds it’s laws. This inter-dimension police like force would be interesting to explore in a film franchise.


All-New Wolverine

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After Hugh Jackman’s memorable last performance as Logan, aka Wolverine, it’s not likely that an MCU adaption of the X-Men will include the legendary actor (unless an Old Man Logan adaption comes along to bring him into the MCU present day, but that’s another story). However Logan introduced the world to Laura, otherwise known as X-23. A genetic clone and daughter of Logan, she has his ability to heal and his bone claws as well, as well as his rage and animal instincts. Getting to see a teenage or adult Laura take his mantle as Wolverine and exploring her story, from her troubled relationship with Wolverine’s son and her brother Daaken to her mission to stop her creators from finding her again, would make for a fantastic series.


Ghost Rider

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Thanks to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we have already gotten to see one version of Ghost Rider make their MCU debut, Robbie Reyes. A solo series for him or a series exploring the whole Ghost Rider line, from Johnny Blaze to Alejandra Jones, would be really cool to see, as well as villains like Mephisto and Blackheart, would be a cool supernatural MCU connection to see unfold. With ties to Doctor Strange, he is the perfect character to explore in phase 4.



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Although being introduced in the upcoming film Into the Spider-Verse, a live-action version of Spider-Gwen would be amazing to see. Her story is so unique and flips the script on the Spider-Man lore. You get a Peter Parker who becomes the Lizard. Matt Murdock is the Kingpin of New York City and head of the Hand. Also Frank Castle is a rogue NYPD Detective turned vigilante. It’s an amazing story to see unfold.



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With the destruction of Xandar in Avengers: Infinity War, the state of the Nova Corps is unknown at this time. Most likely decimated by Thanos and his army, perhaps the hope for the future of this space police force lies in the hands of Sam Alexander. A young kid granted the power of the Nova Corps, perhaps a film franchise exploring his rebuilding of the Nova Corps and discovering his powers would be a perfect fit in the void left behind by Thanos.


Mr. Sinister

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Clones, genetic experiments and evil plots against the X-Men make this one of the top villains we need to see in the new MCU. With the X-Men looming as a possible source for future films, the cloning aspect could lead to some seriously cool plot developments with the rest of the MCU, including lost heroes coming back like Quicksilver.


Silver Surfer

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Another huge aspect of Marvel that FOX has control over is the Fantastic Four, including their cosmic foes and friends like the Silver Surfer. The herald of the mighty Galactus, the eater of worlds, who breaks from his master’s control and works to stop his conquests wherever he can makes him a truly needed addition to the cosmic side of the MCU.


Kang the Conquerer

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With Thanos and his mission with the infinity stones nearly at an end, it’s time to start thinking about who could be the next big bad of the MCU. One possibility has to be Kang the Conquerer. He is a time traveling descendant of the Richards family who attempts to use time travel technology from the future to assert control and dominance over the galaxy. With time travel possibly being introduced in Avengers 4, perhaps we’ll see the time traveling conquerer make his long hoped debut.


Dr. Doom

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Victor Von Doom, the sole leader of the nation of Latveria and long time adversary to the Fantastic Four, is another contender for a major marvel foe. He hates the Fantastic Four, especially Reed, and is jealous of his success and relationship with Sue Storm. He is disfigured and scarred, and has a great mind that nearly rivals Richards himself. He has long been hoped to appear in the MCU, and some would love to see Hannibal actor (and MCU veteran actor) Mads Mikelson appear in the role.


Adam Warlock

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The original key character in the Infinity storyline, Warlock is the protector of the soul gem. However with this task already taken away in Infinity War, his role is unknown at this time. Will he appear in future cosmic battles or possibly tie into the uncertain future of the Guardians of the Galaxy?



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If the future of the MCU includes Thor in an capacity, then we need to see the Enchantress make her debut. With a major villainous connection to Thor and her henchmen Executioner in Thor: Ragnorak, it’d be nice to see another powerful female villain emerge in phase 4 of the MCU.


Norman Osborn

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Spider-Man is in full swing, and the second film is set to introduce Mysterio into the MCU. Yet the one villain who holds the most hold over the other villains in Spidey’s rogues gallery is none other than Norman Osborn. The billionaire criminal who turns himself into the Green Goblin in a horrible experiment, the MCU is in need of this mad man and his nefarious ways.



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The ultimate cosmic baddie, Galactus would be the MCU’s largest and most powerful foe yet. With the ability and need to consume worlds (literally), he has an army of heralds with cosmic powers, and would give the heroes of Earth a run for their money.


Fantastic Four

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The team and family of heroes is much needed in the MCU. From the original team of Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm to the children of Sue and Reed and the formation of the Future Foundation, this science based, galactic and dimensional hopping team of heroes would introduce so many aspects of the MCU. This includes the Negative Zone to Galactus and Annihilus and even the complete army of the Skrulls, including the Super-Skrull.

What do you think? What Marvel character would you love to see join the MCU? Leave your comments down below. Also check out our latest coverage of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 here!

Check out the latest MCU trailer, Captain Marvel, down below.



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