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5 reasons why Facebook buying Oculus Rift should terrify you

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Seriously, read this and become worried, really worried


The dream is dead. In the words of Adele: “We could have had it all”, but now a new, fully realised Virtual Reality platform funded by you and me has fallen into the hands of Mark-privacy is dead-Zuckerberg. From a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign to an acquisition valued at $2 billion, the Rift has come a long, long way from its grassroot origins. As a result of the acquisition, several prominent members of the indie dev scene have already pulled the plug on their Oculus projects. Think I’m overreacting? You will be too when you hear these five awful things that Facebook fusing with Oculus Rift could signify.

#1 Facebook’s “product” is personal information

Facebook generates several billion dollars a year in revenue, but they don’t sell anything to consumers, they don’t charge to use their service and they essentially give users unlimited storage for photos and videos. So how do they stay afloat? Well, they sell information – they sell every single tidbit of knowledge that they have about you to the highest bidder. With the Oculus Rift being used as an additional channel for information mining, Facebook will be able to mine data in simulated reality rather than hyper reality i.e. how we instinctually react to stimuli in games vs. how we choose to portray ourselves online. To a company that sells personal information, the Rift is a gold mine to gain data about how we react in any number of simulated scenarios.

With Facebook’s track record of privacy scandals and the fact that they are essentially a data farm, how can the acquisition of a device that allows users to fully immerse themselves in any fantasy, turn out well?

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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