Six things that save you in games, but won’t in real life

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Take a leaf out of Mario’s book


Among the slew of reasons why we love games is that they are much more forgiving than real life. Part of how they do this is through various gimmicks that save our in-game avatars from death, which have become accepted as constants of the videogame universe.

But let’s unsuspend our disbelief for a moment, and apply some of these life-saving devices that games use to real life. Below is Screen Robot’s list of some of gaming’s greatest myths about things that save your life, and what would happen if we tried to apply them in the real world (that place beyond the computer screen that exists in your peripheral vision).

NOTE: We haven’t actually tried any of these ourselves, but would love to hear your stories if you have in the comments below.

Featured image: OC Weekly

Other images: MK Secrets, GameSpot, VVGTV, Battlefield Wikia

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