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7 cult movies re-enacted in 60 seconds by adorable animations

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Ever wondered what Pulp Fiction or Fight Club in 60 seconds would look like? Wonder no more

Are you one of those people with glaring omissions in your knowledge of cult classic cinema? I am. For example, I’ve never seen The Land Before Time, one of my friends suggested this means I had a deprived childhood. I have also never seen The Godfather. So sue me. It’s very long and I’m a busy woman. However, somebody presumably a lot less busy than me had time not only to watch films, but to recreate them in animated, compressed versions and put them on YouTube. Wave good to whatever productive thing you were just doing, you’re watching these now. Obviously if you’ve never seen these films and might like to one day, these might spoil the surprises slightly. But look how cute these little guys are.


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