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7 movies that destroyed their stars’ careers

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There’s a bad movie and then there’s a career-ending movie. Here are the worst fails in Hollywood

Being an actor is a pretty good gig. Most people who have jobs actually do the thing they’re paid to do. But imagine if one day somebody strolled up to you and said ‘Hey there, hot stuff, would you like to pretend to be a pilot/yoga instructor/maths teacher/tailor/concert pianist/bartender/hired hit man and I’ll pay you millions of pounds?’ You’d probably say ‘Sounds great… but you did say pretend, right… I mean, I can’t play the piano and I’m not really so keen on killing anybody.’ They would reply: ‘Yeah! Pretend! We’ll call it acting. Awesome, get in the chopper, I’ll explain on the way.’ Nice. But sometimes actors make catastrophically bad choices and do pretending in films that are extremely rubbish. After that nobody really takes them seriously and sometimes they have to go back to working in The Harvester… maybe.

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