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The nine most memorable stealth sequences in gaming

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As time counts down to the release of the Thief reboot, we examine several standout moments in the stealth genre.


With the new instalment of Thief on the horizon, let us peer silently through the keyhole to observe the movements of one particular genre of gaming that’s always worth a shout – or in this case, a deathly quiet whisper: stealth.

The initial response to the game, at the time entitled Thief 4 or, if you preferred, ‘THI4F’, was met with mixed reactions as fans of the classic steampunk fantasy series that featured a hitherto groundbreaking first person gameplay relying on darkness and silence voiced their displeasure at the inclusion of modern day gaming tropes of QTEs and flashy takedown moves that were at jarring odds with the originals. Development house Eidos Montreal, to their credit, listened to the feedback and sought an accurate return to the series’ roots, ensuring an emphasis on ‘true’ stealth and meticulous planning for the upcoming successor. Gone too was that awkward title, having since vanished without a trace in the dark of night.

So then, in commemoration of one of the pioneering games that started a wave of enthusiasm in the silent, and often non-lethal, approach, we take a look back on several stunning sequences of stealth gaming, kicking off with one of the characters that inspired it all in the first place: Garrett, he of the gravelly voice, nimble feet, and steady blackjack wielding hand.

Image: Square Enix


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