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Alice Eve’s Typhoid Mary Debuts For Marvel’s Iron Fist

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Whether you loved or hated the first season, it’s hard to argue Marvel’s Iron Fist has made a serious impact on the Marvel/Netflix universe. After the first season of the show explored the origin story of Danny Rand, (played by Game of Thrones alum Finn Jones), the son to a billionaire CEO who’s parents are killed in a plane crash while he is saved by warrior monks and becomes the immortal Iron Fist, Marvel brought Danny into the larger world of the Defenders. There he was paired with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil to take down his long standing enemy, The Hand. At the mini series end, he dedicated his life to protecting the city of New York from all criminals, leading to his comic book standing as one of the city’s most popular street level heroes.

Season 2 of the show is set to debut on September 7th, and fans are eager to see how far into the Iron Fist mythos the show will finally delve into. Fans are eager to see his classic yellow outfit make it’s debut, as well as a more peaceful, less angsty version of the character. Whether you loved his intensity or hated it in the first season, Finn Jones has become the definitive Iron Fist of the MCU. With the threat of his former friend turned enemy Davos coming to turn his world upside down, fans have eagerly awaited what allies Davos will recruit to tear down the new CEO of Rand Industries and the protector of NYC.

Now fans can get a first hand look at one of the show’s newest villains, Typhoid Mary. A long standing villain of the Marvel Comics world, Typhoid Mary is Mary Walker, a woman who suffered an incident in Daredevil #254 that left her personality shattered. Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Mary has two additional personalities, named Typhoid Mary and Bloody Mary. In the comics she also has psionic powers, is a skilled warrior and one of Marvel’s deadliest assassins.

While not much is known about how much of the character will be explored in Iron Fist season 2, we do know that Alice Eve will be portraying the character. She will interact with Davos at some point. Whether she works with him or is hired by someone else remains to be seen, but considering her importance to the Defenders overall, especially Daredevil, we hope that her arc will long surpass her time on Iron Fist’s season season. Now we have exclusively seen two new photos that showcase the actress in her Typhoid Mary persona, looking intense and wielding two weapons.

Alice Eve Typhoid Mary Screenshot
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Alice Eve Typhoid Mary Screenshot
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Who has brought the notorious assassin to the world of Iron Fist? How much of Mary’s history and persona will fans be introduced to? You can find out on September 7th when new episodes for season 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist debuts on Netflix. Stay tuned here when we release our thoughts on the show’s second season and the future of the show.

What do you think of Alice Eve’s Typhoid Mary? Are you excited to explore this part of the Marvel Universe? Leave your thoughts below.

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