The best next-gen games coming in the next three months

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So you’ve played all the Xbox One and PS4 launch games. What now? Screen Robot presents the best next-gen games coming next quarter to Xbox One and PS4.


When people talk about the glory days of consoles such as the N64 or the PS One, they don’t talk about first quarter sales-versus-projections or failure rates on initial console runs. They talk about the games.

When considering historic console launch line ups, both the Xbox One and PS4 suffered from the lack of a Super Mario 64 quality killer app.

Killzone: Shadowfall was a shallow and tepid demonstration of the potential of next gen in graphical terms only. Inviting comparisons to Crash Bandicoot, Knack was frustrating in its inability to take into account twenty years of platformers since Crash first hit a Sony platform.

Microsoft’s system exclusives fared little better. Forza 5 was, as ever, technically impressive though soulless and uncompelling. Dead Rising was another example of next gen visuals undermined by decidedly backwards and practically medieval game design – fun enough in bursts but a fitting example of a more is more approach yielding mixed results.

With near identical and underwhelming launch line-ups both the Xbox One and PS4 have much to prove with their all-important second wave of software. With that in mind, Screen Robot highlight some of the best next-gen games coming soon that will help justify the purchase of a next gen console whether you are an early adopter or still sitting on the generational fence.

Image: Square Enix

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