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Budweiser hosts the World Cup draw

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It’s English fans most exciting and scariest moment of the year so far

In five cities around the world, Budweiser hosted local community events around the World Cup Draw to reveal the fans’ experience of this intense and important night. What are their dreams and nightmares pre-draw? What are their gut reactions post-draw? And how does the fan culture of different nations compare?

In the London video featured above, the Brits acted in their usual cautiously optimistic way- the group is neither scary nor easy, it simply “is”. Costa Rica and Uruguay are too far away and not “big” enough to be understood enough to be feared (Uruguay are quite high up in the FIFA rankings though) and one fan in the video lists the teams he wants to avoid: “I don’t want to be drawn against Spain, don’t want to be drawn against Germany, don’t want to be drawn against the  Netherlands, don’t want to be drawn against Brazil” Mission accomplished!

Not long until the world cup now, when England really does become a nation of Screen Robots as they gather around small screens, big screens, and projector screens to see the most important sporting event in the world. Do I think we can beat Italy? I am cautiously optimistic…


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