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Preview: Celluloid Screams 2014

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Ahead of horror festival Celluloid Screams later this month, we preview the best of the fest.

KLAXON! It’s creeping up to that time of year when us horror folk can get our scare on. Halloween is an exciting time for film, and this year Screen Robot will be attending Sheffield’s very own horror-fest, Celluloid Screams (24-26 October). The festival is renowned for previewing some of the year’s greatest untapped horrors, but also offers up classics (including an all-nighter) for the old school horror film fanatics.

Highlights this year include the festival’s opening gala The Editor. This giallo style horror tells the tale of Rey Ciso, a famous editor whose unfortunate accident leaves him with four wooden fingers. It’s all downhill for him after this, and he’s accused of murdering the actors from the low budget film he’s in charge of editing. The film is introduced by directors Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy, and star of the film Conor Sweeney, who will take part in a Q&A afterwards.

What We Do In The Shadows also looks to be one of the best films of this year’s festival (we’ve previously reviewed it here on SR). It comes from Jemaine Clement, best known for making up half the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, and Taika Waititi, writer and director of Eagle vs Shark. The film is a dark mockumentary about the struggle of three housemates, and addresses issues such as juggling chores, getting into nightclubs and dealing with the woes of being an immortal vampire.


On Saturday night the festival presents us with an all-nighter of horror classics. This year we have Sci-Fi Shocks, and the films listed are Bride of Re-Animator, Maximum Overdrive (which holds Stephen King’s one and only directing credit), Night of the Creeps and everybody’s favourite, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Who needs sleep when instead you can have a night filled with homicidal clowns, terrifying machines and flesh-eating zombies? The final film of the fest is Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead, a Nazi zombie epic set to blow its predecessor out of the water, and boasting Martin Starr as one of its leads.

Celluloid Screams is not something to be missed if you’re serious about horror. There’s a bunch of special guests and a secret film, not to mention accompanying short films and the bumper competition. You can book tickets by calling the Showroom Cinema Box Office on 0114 275 7727 or book online at


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