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ClassicTophat Video Review: Blackguards

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Welcome to Tophat Gaming Reviews, a weekly video reviewing the best (and worst) games out there. If you have a game in mind you’d like given an audio-visual going over by me, leave a comment and let me know.

Today we’ll be putting on our wizards cap and bringing out the D6 as we review the turn-based RPG known as Blackguards.

Framed for the murder of a princess, you are then freed by another prisoner and embark on a quest to find the real killer. Blackguards has over 40 hours of playable content with three alternate endings depending on the choices you made within the game.

Seemingly a lot of bang for your buck, but does Blackguards roll a double six and knock out its competition or will it fail the armour check and be taken down by its own unforgiving faults?

Find out on in the ClassicTophat Review!


Image: Kevin Christie


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