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Classic Tophat Video Review: Consortium

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Our new weekly games review looks at Kickstarter-funded RPG Consortium

Welcome to Tophat Gaming Reviews, a weekly video reviewing the best (and worst) games out there. If you have a game in mind you’d like given an audio-visual going over by me, leave a comment and let me know.

Today we’re looking at Consortium, a successfully funded Kickstarter game that focuses on what they call “A true RPG experience”.

Consortium is heavily influenced by the Mass Effect franchise. A new technology has been invented that transports you – the player – into the body of a person living aboard the spaceship ZENLIL in 2042. You have complete control over your host, and are in charge of everything from his voice and movements, to how he interacts with his fellow crew members. Whether you go along with the challenges of life aboard the ZENLIL , or whether you break the fourth wall and reveal to your crew the dimension-shattering truth, is up to you.

Can Consortium’s unique plot outshine its outdated graphics? Or will the in-game bugs  turn into a full-on flu and take down the game for good?


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