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Don’t miss these events at Somerset House (especially you, film students)

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Fancy meeting Richard Ayode? Here’s your chance

It might not come as a huge surprise that we like movies. We like things that happen on screen generally (the clue’s in the name, guys) and that’s why we’re excited about Somerset House’s Behind the Screen events this summer.

If you ever watch TV in the evening (you know, like a normal human) you’ll probably have seen at least one (or, if like us you watch a lot of TV, about a thousand) adverts for Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. They’ll be showing a vast range of incredible films including two UK premiers; Two Days, One Night on Thursday 7th August and What We Do In The Shadows on Wednesday 20th August (where Screen Robot will be in the audience) and a double bill of Hairspray and Spring Breakers.

But that’s not all. This is not just any normal year for Film4 Summer Screen, this is the tenth birthday. So, on top of all the awesome open-air screenings, a series of events and talks will be taking place at the iconic London venue. These will involve some of the industry’s most sought after experts, from both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

On Monday 18th August, Richard Ayode, director of Submarine and The Double will be leading a guided tour through his cinematic influences and creative processes. Prior to the final night’s screening of What We Do In the Shadows, Flight of the Concords legends Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi will be discussing how they got to be so awesome (or something to that effect).

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If teen movies are your thing, check out The Secret Life of the Teen Movie with teen movie expert and journalist Charlie Lyne on Friday 15th August. This is a particularly great opportunity for any film students looking for a dissertation topic that lets them watch hours of films they’ll love under the guise of ‘research’ (you know who you are, you can’t fool us). But it won’t be a dry, academic lecture! Expect wacky anecdotes a-plenty.

The events are running from Saturday 9th – Wednesday 20th August and tickets can be bought here. Bear in mind that tickets to events and tickets to screenings are sold separately. Some of the events are free, but you need to reserve a space ahead of time.

Another event definitely worth checking out is Print Club London’s Summer Screen Prints, is on now and will be running until 25th August in the West Wing Galleries at Somerset House. You might want to wait for your student loan to come in though, because trust us you’ll want a print and they’re £45 each (yes, film students, we’re talking to you again here).


For more information, go to the Somerset House website

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