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Eight graphic novels that need to be adapted for film

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With Preacher finally on its way, here are eight other graphic novels that deserve a movie adaptation.

We’ve been waiting for a film adaptation of Preacher for almost a decade. After a superhero-origin-story-esque struggle, Seth Rogen finally has the rights, and Arseface could be gracing our screens alongside the great Reverend Jesse Custer and our favourite badass Irish vampire, Cassidy, sooner than we thought possible.

Beyond Watchmen and Sin City, there is an incredible array of graphic novels perfect for film adaptation – and many that offer dynamic visuals and a break from our preconceived notions of what a graphic novel can offer. Here are eight of them, in no particular order.


8.  Maus


A graphic novel that elevated itself out of the constraints of genre and form, that put graphic novels in front of nay-sayers and forced them to reconsider their preconceptions. Maus was the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer prize, and if turned into an animated film, could potentially do similar wonders for animation. Maus tells the story of Art Spiegelman (the cartoonist who wrote and drew the book), as he interviews his father about his experiences as a Jew in WWII and as a Holocaust survivor. He depicts different races as different animal species, and in doing so manages to touch on the darkest parts of our history with subtletly, warmth and compassion.


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