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The five best British comedies you’ve (probably) never seen

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Tired of derivative, unimaginative mainstream British comedies? So are we – here are five great ones you never heard of.

the thick of it malcolm tucker

The great British comedy – a magnificent beast when operating at its zenith, a miserable and laughter track-ridden mess at its barrel scraping lowest. Whereas mainstream British comedy is often lauded for its crowd-pleasing nature it can often be nauseatingly safe.

When considered alongside our American counterparts, the best British comedies are often more lurid and downright bizarre. As a result, great if divisive comedies can often fall under the radar. The price for the success of every Gavin and Stacey is the near invisibility of more subversive British comedy.

Here are five great British comedies that you’ve probably never seen.

Featured image: BBC


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