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The five deadliest movie actors of all time

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Think yourself lucky they haven’t killed you already – these are the five actors with the most on-screen kills.

arnold schwarzenegger commando

The answers to complex questions such as the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe have plagued many an inquisitive human mind. Although these answers remain elusive to blogger Randal Olson, he has given us an answer to the age-old head-scratcher of who is the deadliest movie actor of all time according to on-screen kills. So, here at Screen Robot, we present to you his top five; Randal, we salute you.

Notable mentions:

Clint Eastwood narrowly misses out on the top five with 207 kills. Chuck Norris only has 102 on-screen kills, probably due to the fact he Karate-kicked a lot of bad guys instead of actually shooting them, which is much more expeditious. Uma Thurman is the deadliest female with 75 kills, thanks mainly to the Kill Bill series.

Image/Featured image: 20th Century Fox


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