Nine strange on-screen debuts

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Once upon a time, Clint Eastwood was producing rats from his pocket and Brad Pitt didn’t know his arse from his elbow.

jeff goldblum death wish

It’s not something people often dwell on, but it can be an interesting little find – seeing a familiar face in an early bad movie. It’s also interesting to witness distributors try to capitalise from their future success to push one of these bad early movies (yes, Sandra Bullock, I saw Hangmen. Interesting that they didn’t put up your name during the opening credits in the actual movie, but your name does get top billing on the DVD cover. At least Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger were mentioned in the opening credits). Certain performances aren’t terrible, but there are strange debuts lurking amongst the cinema archives. Let’s begin with an A-Lister.

Image: Paramount

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