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Five things we learned from the Emmys 2013

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Giving comedy awards to unfunny sitcoms and neglecting dead legends are just two mistakes Emmy made this year

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Viewers continue to have a strange relationship with the major entertainment awards Oscar and Emmy; they watch the shows, hate the shows and yet tune in again the following year. Some years, it’s that the production itself is dreadfully conceived and/or executed, others simply that the wrong people won. As is usual in this era of reflexive criticism, Sunday’s Emmy awards is said to have been both insufferable and utterly wrong-headed. But, now 65 years old (and thus a senior citizen), Emmy is unfairly being given a bad rap. Yes, there was plenty on show to irritate, enrage, despair over etc this year, but there was much to enjoy and certainly a lot to learn. Here are the major take-aways from television’s annual exercise in self-gratification:

Featured image: Eric Norris via Flickr


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