Five UK independent cinemas you should visit

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These venues may be low on screens, but you never know when Tommy Wiseau might show up for a live Q&A.

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There’s something about the cinema that really encapsulates the escapism of film, like a sort of darkened portal murmuring with shadows and the faint scent of popcorn and hot dogs. It bridges the gap between reality and fantasy, and allows us to sit in a room full of strangers and feel somehow completely alone, yet strangely connected at the same time. This magic of the venue is more easily forgotten nowadays, perhaps due to the introduction of bigger TVs, better sound systems, high definition quality, quicker releases and, of course, the internet.

People are more informed of what films will be worth their time and money, while the expense of tickets and food inspires many a scoff. It can feel like cinema has lost some of the spirit it used to have, which is why independent cinemas can be so enticing. Their unique character and infectious passion for film creates atmospheric vibes that enhance screenings and make visits feel like an immersive event once again. They also usually have bars, which let’s face it, is always a plus.

So, without further ado, here’s a round up of five cooler than cool independent UK cinemas.

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