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For some reason, they’re remaking ‘Memento’ and people aren’t happy about it

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Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending backwards masterpiece Memento is being remade. Nobody asked for it, but it’s happening.

Nolan wrote and directed the 2000 movie – which stars Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss – before the likes of Dark Knight and Inception were released. Pearce plays a character with short-term memory loss tracking down his wife’s murderer.

15 years after its release, production company AMBI Pictures has announced plans to produce a new version of the film.

AMBI’s Monika Bacardi said: “Memento is a masterpiece that leaves audiences guessing not just throughout the film, but long after as well, which is a testament to its daring approach. We intend to stay true to Christopher Nolan’s vision and deliver a memorable movie that is every bit as edgy, iconic and award-worthy as the original.

“It’s a big responsibility to deliver something that lives up to the mastery of the original, but we are extremely excited and motivated to bring this puzzle back to life and back into the minds of moviegoers,” she added.

Unsurprisingly, people aren’t happy about it:


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