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Go to hell! 10 films currently languishing in development hell

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Afters years of production, The Ghostbusters sequel and del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness still await the greenlight.

‘Development hell’ – a place that anyone in the media industry fears more than actual Hell. In the movie business, this is where plans for certain films go to die. It’s where the concept, pitch or even script is sent to meander in a state of influx. It’s where many a sequel has tip-toed on the precipice of rebirth, nihility or eternal perdition.

Studio execs will send movies they are too flustered to reach a decision about to development hell, to fester in uncertainty. But some do see the light. The long-gestating Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World, finally has a script, a cast and is actually in production. So it’s not necessarily the end of the line for all movies sentenced to development hell (or, more accurately, development purgatory).


Halloween III (3D)

halloween 2

One of the biggest horror franchises in history, the Halloween series was looking a little tired by its seventh sequel. Tired, and silly. Horror master Rob Zombie bravely took the reins in 2007 and released a remake, giving it a new twist, whilst retaining elements of the original. Halloween II came out soon after with a completely fresh plot, direction and a very open ending. It seemed that the franchise was going to build a new bloodline.

However, the much talked about Halloween 3D has flopped around like a dry guppy. Zombie was doing it, then it was being made by Todd Farmer. One minute it was a sequel to the most recent film, then it was meant to be another reboot. To be 3D, or not to be 3D? Whatever the case, news out of Cannes in May 2014 says that it’s going forward.


Featured image: 20th Century Fox

Inset image: The Weinstein Company


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