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“Oh my God – they killed Kenny!” The history of South Park video games

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To celebrate the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, we revisit the good, the bad and the ginger South Park video games

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It may come as no big surprise to loyal South Park fans that the series creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are both big fans of video games.  South Park has based entire episodes around the likes of Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Pokemon and Guitar Hero, and whilst their animated TV series may be a success, their early video games sucked massive donkey balls. However, the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth has gained impressive reviews across the board, and looks to be one of the most successful licensed games ever released. With Matt Stone and Trey Parker so heavily involved in the games production it’s certainly no surprise, but their lack of influence is certainly noticeable in the earlier titles.


Image: Ubisoft


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