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Could a Hurwitz and Harmon super-show be on the horizon?

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As Mitch Hurwitz starts creating comedy originals for Netflix, one possible new show has us seriously excited.

It was revealed last week that Arrested Development’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, has signed a multi-year deal with streaming giant Netflix to produce new and original comedy series. Whilst fans of Arrested Development will no doubt gobble up anything created by Hurwitz, are they secretly hoping that a new season of the show is on the cards? Season four was released exclusively on Netflix, earning three Emmy nominations and bringing the show to a total of 25 since it began in 2003. Whilst Netflix CEO Reed Hastings declared that season four was the last innings for the show, a company spokesman did announce, “by no means is this the end of it. We’re definitely planning to do more with them”.

Community’s Dan Harmon recently revealed that he and Hurwitz had often drunkenly discussed working together

With high demand from fans, could it be that Hurwitz and Netflix will give in and have the Bluth family return to our screens once more? Or is there something else going on? Community’s Dan Harmon recently revealed in Rolling Stone magazine that he and Hurwitz had often drunkenly discussed working on a project together. He was reluctant to discuss it in too much detail as he felt it was a “genie in a bottle” that he wasn’t ready to let go of in case it should “go away”.

Superstitious, maybe, but it has certainly had fans’ imaginations running wild, with some hoping for a Community and Arrested Development hybrid series. Others are hoping for a completely brand spanking new show to be born of this union. Despite the excitement of the return of Arrested Development for season four, many found it lacking, more of a gift to the pining fans than an innovative showing. Is there a chance that Hurwitz is utilising Harmon’s undeniable comedic skill for this new venture? Everybody witnessed Community missing the mark when Harmon was fired for a season, only to be restored to its former glory on his return. Take a moment to imagine a collaboration between this pair.

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Harmon’s ability to create loveable losers and self-aware, non-schmaltzy lessons in morality, combined with Hurwitz’s ability to pen self-obsessive and childish characters, only to make us love them, sounds like it has the potential to be the greatest show on Earth. Whilst Arrested Development fans will always scream out for more since its untimely pull from the airwaves in 2006, season four most definitely didn’t hit the mark of its predecessors. But why was this – that show was popular, right? It seems that times have moved on since 2006 and, in this day and age, hidden jokes and references are harder to spot whilst consuming 14 episodes as quickly as possible.

One concern is that Hurwitz masters the subtle, snickering kind of humour that made Arrested Development a hit, but a hit that was cancelled after only three seasons. And whilst Harmon ensured Community was a more bawdy, meta kind of comedy in the first three seasons, his return in season five did not leave much room for new fans. The jokes were very much of the ‘in’ variety. This could be down to the fact that, upon returning to the Community team, Harmon had a lot of ends to tie up and some backtracking to do, to ensure his writing style was stamped all over the show once again. It could also be a quiet wink to the fans that wanted him back, giving them what they wanted and doing it better than the writers of the previous season ever could.

Netflix original shows are getting a lot of attention, and only the mighty will succeed

Either way, with two writers that are so dedicated to their fans, Hurwitz and Harmon may get stuck in a trap of re-creating something that is a bastard love-child of Arrested Developement and Community. Whilst this sounds excellent in theory, does anybody really want the same old thing? In a world where so many shows and movies are readily available for streaming at any time we like, wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to see these two comic deities create something new and deliciously fresh?

Hurwitz needs to ensure that any new show he puts out there is the quirkiest, funniest stuff he can muster; there will be a lot of eyes on him. Netflix original shows are definitely getting a lot of attention, and only the mighty will really succeed. Let’s hope than Hurwitz can pin down Harmon to commit to the new show and that Harmon can bring out a slightly louder kind of comedy style from Hurwitz. Let us all pray for what can only be a holy union: Harmon & Hurwitz.


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