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Introducing gamesGRABR: the social network for gaming

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Build and create your own gaming collections with content from around the internet

gamesGRABR is the social network for gaming. It allows gamers to meet, greet, and share their favourite games with each other, boasting a personalised homepage tailored to your taste in games and the people you follow. It’s a place where gamers can share game-related stuff, saving the best content they find online into their own collection. Whether you like a certain character, a specific game genre, a game’s style, or the best year in gaming – it can all be pieced together and shown off to other gamers around the world.

Brand new to gamesGRABR are Featured Collections. Presenting the likes of Warner Brothers, Gfinity, GinxTV, and a number of collections personally curated by the best gaming bloggers on YouTube, gamers can follow and explore the collections that match their taste in games. There’s even a collection made by Screen Robot, where you can see our favourite stealth games, the best gaming accessories, the 10 best movie games and a whole lot more. You can check out our collections right now.

We think it’s the perfect site for people addicted to games, films, TV and tech. It’s a new way we can keep in touch with you, the reader, and share our likes and recommendations of the moment. Gamers can now follow, explore, and download any game with just one click – it’s a brand new social community that lets us bring the best content directly to you.

You can check out Screen Robot’s top 10 last-gen games, the PC hardware that we recommend, and even see our own personal gaming setup at the link below, and be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting @Screenrobot. After all, this is all about getting to know you.



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