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James Franco is the king of weird (more than ever)

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James Franco, he’s a weird guy. These are his most inexplicable moments

My opinion of James Franco has undergone an interesting 180-degree turnaround. I’m pretty sure the first film I saw him in was Spider-Man. Why do girls always fancy the evil bastard, what kind of masochistic post-feminist bullshit is that? Anyway, for some anti-evolutionary reason it appears to be the case and James Franco became my new favourite. My interest was bordering on obsessive at some point after Pineapple Express (his depiction of Allen Ginsberg in Howl and the revelation that he has a PhD in English Literature had quite a lot to do with this) and then I read the opening line of Franco’s book. It is not good. So not good in fact that it seemed to affect my eyesight and James Franco’s face no longer looked sexy. Weird.

This week, he decided to announce that the Spring Breakers sequel was being made without Harmony Korine’s approval. I think. This is how he did that:

But I’d definitely like to be his friend. Most of my friends are very strange. I think he’d fit in. Here’s a selection of James Franco’s weirdest moments. From real life, not films. For example, here he is wearing a shirt covered in his own face.

If these are anything to go by, then the upcoming documentary following a year in his life should certainly be worth a watch. Click next for more of his weirdest moments.

Image: Muse


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