Kate Winslet admits that there WAS room on the ‘raft’ for Jack in Titanic

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Kate Winslet has finally admitted that her Titanic character (Rose) basically murdered Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio).

Over the years, much discussion has taken place as to whether Jack could have fitted on the ‘raft’ that he generously let Rose lie on while the Titanic sank. It looked like there was plenty of room for both of them, yet Rose selfishly took up the space for herself, and sadly – much to the heartbreak of millions of teenagers in 1997 – Jack didn’t make it.

Winslet – appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – admitted: “I think he could’ve actually fitted on that bit of door.”

Watch her admission below, as well as other Titanic chat and an explanation for why she touched Susan Sarandon’s boobs:

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