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Katherine McNamara Joins Arrowverse

The Shadowhunters star has found herself taking a pivotal role in the CW’s hit DC Comics show.

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The worlds of YA Fantasy drama series Shadowhunters on Freeform is about to get a crossover with the CW Arrowverse thanks to series star Katherine McNamara. TV Line reported that the star is now set to play the mysterious yet pivotal role of Maya on the hit show Arrow. Maya is a street fighter and thief living in Star City who has been described to be known as “Buffy the Superhero Slayer”.

Arrow Season 7

The mysterious role McNamara is set to play sounds intriguing. A “superhero slayer”? Someone with this ability is dangerous, especially with the season Arrow has set up for itself. Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow), is now in prison after turning himself in to save his friends and family from prosecution. He is forced to take a dark turn in prison in order to survive. Oliver will have to contend with the very criminals he spent years putting away.

Meanwhile, Felicity is set to take on a darker turn as well. With Team Arrow disbanded, she is sure to go to new lengths to protect the city and become her own person outside the team. In a city with a new anti-vigilante law and force, the other heroes will be adjusting to life after their crime fighting days. Last season’s villain Ricardo Diaz is still on the loose, and with him are coming the infamous Longbow Hunters. They are a deadly trio of archers known to be the most powerful assassins in the world (revered even by the League of Assassins).

Arrowverse Casting

McNamara joins a long list of actors joining the Arrowverse this year. The Flash has seen Chris Klein join the cast as Cicada. He’s the show’s new villain who is an everyman who’s family is torn apart by metahumans. He vows to destroy all metas one at a time. Meanwhile actors Sam Witwer and Rhona Mitra have joined the Supergirl cast as Agent Liberty and Mercy Graves respectively.

Arrowverse Crossover Event

New heroes and characters have been cast for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover. This includes Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane, Ruby Rose as Batwoman, and Jeremy Davies will join the crossover. He will play a doctor at the infamous Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, who may be more mad than the patients in the asylum. This hints at the plot taking the heroes to Gotham City, where Batwoman is sure to be. Who knows what other secret cameos or villains they will face.

What do you think of all the casting news? Who do you think McNamara can be playing? Leave your comments down below.

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