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Kingdom Hearts Gets VR Experience

The developers of the Kingdom Hearts series revealed an exclusive PlayStation VR experience, along with a new trailer showing off the new world of Big Hero 6.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 from game developers Square Enix has become one of the gaming industry’s most anticipated games. It’s been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts II released. Fans have been eager to see how Sora and his friend’s story ends. So many other prequel and spin-off games have debuted in the past decade, but the original story of Sora has been waiting to be finished for quite a while. With the game set to release on January 29th, 2019, fans have eagerly awaited any news concerning the game.

Kingdom Hearts VR


Well at Sony’s Pre-TGS PlayStation Lineup Tour event, Square Enix revealed that there will be a free additional VR experience for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Fans will be given an opportunity to explore key moments in the franchise for 10 minutes, with iconic music from the games playing and allowing fans to be fully immersed into the world of Kingdom Hearts. Developers confirmed that fans will be able to unlock more content after an initial play through, but no details on what that additional content will entail has been released yet.


Big Hero 6 Trailer


In addition to this news, Square Enix also released a Japanese language trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, which included footage from one of the new worlds being explored by the game series, Big Hero 6. Fans got to see Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting heartless on the bridge of San Fransokyo, the fictional city of the film that combines elements of both San Francisco and Tokyo. We also got to see the trio meet Baymax and Hiro, as well as elements of the film intermingled with the threat of the heartless. We also saw glimpses of cinematic cutscenes and gameplay from the world’s of Tangled, Monster’s Inc and Toy Story, as well as one of the standoff’s with longtime foe Master Xehanort and all his incarnations from the franchise.


Gummi Ship Returns


The game is shaping up to be truly magnificent. Fans also got to see customization options and gameplay of the space travel between worlds in the “gummi” ships, the ships the trio of heroes use to travel from world to world. The new gameplay mechanics look to make the game more compelling than ever before, and even included a min map for gamers to utilize while flying the ship. The long break between the second and third game in the main series seems to have allowed the developers to create a truly stunning visual display and action packed gameplay.

What do you guys think about a Kingdom Hearts VR experience? What other worlds do you hope are included in the upcoming game? Leave your thoughts down below!

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