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Kubrillex: When Stanley Kubrick met Skrillex

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Two titans of culture collide, in one of the more unnerving Kubrick mash-ups you’ve seen.

Martin Scorsese once described Stanley Kubrick’s movies as “like gazing up at a mountain top” – these were, to Scorsese and many others, unquestionable works of genius, untouchable by any other artist’s standards; for all intents and purposes, perfect. But Martin Scorsese had evidently never seen Kubrillex, a new video which takes Kubrick’s unparalleled filmography, cuts it up into bite-sized chunks and then sets it to a dirty Skrillex beat. Finally, we have the answer to the question: what happens when you give a master of cinema an unapologetic EDM score?

Watch as Full Metal Jacket’s harrowing scenes of combat instantly become far cooler than Kubrick ever intended. Marvel as crazy Jack Nicholson beats his chest in The Shining to the sound of Skrillex mercilessly dropping the bass. Gaze in wonder as 2001’s transcendent images of the star child are suddenly rendered much creepier than you ever imagined they could be.

Give it a look in the video above, if only to remind yourself of the brilliance of Kubrick, as well as the infinite possibilities of reframing classic movies with scuzzy electronica.


Featured image: Columbia-Warner


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