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Mafia 3 Review – PS Plus Free Game – August 2018

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August is almost at a close and Sony PlayStation released some free games again this month. One of which being Mafia 3 which was initially released on October 7 2016 by 2K Games.

This game received relatively mixed reviews with sites like Metacritic giving it a 68/100 on PS4, 62/100 on PC and 67/100 on XBox One but I felt this was unfair so I wanted to release my own copy of a review from a semi-decent gamer’s perspective.

Feel free to watch the video I released on YouTube but I felt it a nice idea to add as a readable version for those not willing to put up with my voice, I don’t blame you. I put myself through an hour of the game as I felt that was the best way to get to grips with everything, making sure the tutorial was definitely done for instance and getting the hang of the story and the controls.


They were relatively simple to get the hang of. The driving of the vehicles was pretty much second nature with everyone adopting the triggers to accelerate and break but unlike GTA, I felt the driving style in this game more realistic than most. One of the main mechanics that stood out was that you couldn’t hard break around the corner as your tyres will lock up and you will just slide along in a straight line like you would do in real life.

Shooting was next in line. Again they kept the tried and tested left trigger for aim and right trigger for shooting so anyone from CoD to GTA can get used to it quite quickly. The realism of the shooting for me may have been a little on the extreme side. Headshots caused more than the normal amount of blood loss to spray out as the victim will hold the wound. Having the Molotov cocktails causing damage to the NPCs if shot before thrown was great.

Overall, this is definitely a game I wouldn’t mind taking up space on my hard drive. I would play it quite frequently to get further into the story.



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