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Microsoft XBOX – Games for Gold – June Update

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We are half way through June which means you lucky XBOX Gold subscribers can now get your hands on two more free downloads.

As usual, you’ll get an Xbox One title and an Xbox 360 game which you’ll be able to play thanks to backward compatibility.

Your new FREE Xbox one game is the Smite Gold Bundle, this will be able to download between now the 15th July. Although it’s a FREE TO PLAY game anyway, the Gold Bundle includes 20 additional gods and some extra announcer packs, some more skins and various other content extras.

Taking into account this would normally set you back £70-£80 quid, you’re getting quick the bang for free.

Xbox 360 Gold Members will be able to download “Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues”. It’s a great addition to the whole Logo series, that lets you play through all four versions of Indiana Jones movies. You’ll be able to download it until June 30th

And just in case, don’t forget you can still download the amazing side-scrolling Xbox One game Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, which is also available until June 30.


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