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Minecraft’s Denmark overrun with United States paraphernalia

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Cyber vandals tear apart the Minecraft map put together by the Danish government

You might have heard about the Denmark government’s mapping department recreating the entire country in Minecraft. Designed to help educate children on spatial data, Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen from the Danish Geodata Agency, Geodatastyrelsen, pulled public records about roads, buildings and more for a 1:1 ratio recreation, which apparently lets you find your own house.

Well things took a turn for the worse recently as hackers invaded the server, bombed it to smithereens, and erected the United States national flag all over the map. The in-game dynamite was disabled by Kokkendorf and Nielsen, but these cyber vandals were able to get around it by hiding explosives in mining carts.

It’s assumed that the intruders were North American given the prevalent stars and stripes, but whether their use was an act of international subterfuge is yet unknown.

Despite the chaos, the Danish government has clarified that only “minor areas” have been affected. There are no plans to reboot the entire map, but they are prepared to rebuild “minor areas if buildings are removed and nothing new is being created”.

For a virtual tour of what once was, check the video below.


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