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Star Wars newcomers: Their best moments in clips

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pu-239 oscar isaac

“Where’ve I seen that guy before? And is he good enough for Star Wars?” Folks, we have the answers.

Almost as though the studio was putting us out of our misery after what has seemed like decades of incessant casting reports and rumours, Disney was kind enough to announce the principal cast of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII last night. Harrison’s back, Hamill’s back, Fisher’s back, and so is the big rug and the two robots, but what we’re interested in is the pack of hungry Star Wars newcomers rounding out the cast. So, as everyone else loses their collective shit trying to figure out who the hell these people will be playing in the film, we’re instead taking a look back at these actors’ finest moments.


Oscar Isaac

Still largely unknown amongst the masses, it may be that Oscar Isaac isn’t easily recognisable because he moves between playing Cuban interpreters (Che), Russian mobsters (Pu-239), Middle-Eastern CIA agents (Body of Lies), English kings (Robin Hood) and Mexican jailbirds (Drive) with such ease that he never really looks the same in any one role. For his greatest performance, he went full-on Welsh-Italian folksinger for the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, giving an Oscar-worthy performance that apparently no one actually mentioned to the Academy. This clip also features another Star Wars newcomer, Adam Driver, but his best movie moment is over the page…


Featured image: HBO


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