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Onrush Review – PS Plus Free Game – December 2018

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For anyone not in the know, Playstation release free games every month. I always grab all I can and have a quick first reaction play-through to see how good it really is. This month was no different.

Codemasters originally brought us Onrush in June 2018 selling it as vehicular combat. I’ve got to be honest, before it being released for free, I had never heard of it before but I wanted to give it a go.

I mark games on how likely they are to keep me entertained for and I’m afraid this one didn’t mark very high on my list. The first thing I picked up on was the audio, no matter how low you set the audio in game it seemed to have a mind off its own and there was no balance between music and sound effects.

Secondly, the game seemed to start off too restricted. Giving you only a set type of car, forcing you to play through and get perfect in areas when some people just want to sit down for half an hour and blow a load of stuff up.

It wasn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong, the costumes that I saw other wear was hilarious to say the least. Some looking like something out of Fortnite and others straight from Mad Max it seemed like a good mixture and the idea of team racing and destruction made it fit together nicely.

It’s major downside for me though, as is with most games of that types, is that it comes with Loot Boxes that you can unlock by completing goals or buy outright with real life money and that for me has always been a turn away. I did enjoy playing the likes of Call of Duty but I’m very impatient and don’t want to have to grind to get the gun looking the way I want for instance.

Others may have completely different experiences with these types of games but it’s not one for me and as soon as the video was over, the game was removed from my hard-drive.

Have your own experience of this game? Please let me know in the comments!


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