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Pepsi are releasing limited edition Back To The Future bottle, Pepsi Perfect

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Fans of Back To The Future Part 2 have been waiting patiently for the present to catch up with the futuristic world that the classic time-travelling sequel is partly set in. Flying cars, hoverboards and self-drying jackets were all predicted by the BTTF writers, and much to the disappointment of myself and all other fans of the movie, they haven’t materialised. But one thing is coming true…

Pepsi have decided to take advantage of a perfect commercial opportunity by releasing a limited edition Back To The Future bottle, Pepsi Perfect, as seen purchased by Marty McFly in the movie.

Only 6,500 bottles will be made, and they’ll be sold for $20.15 each (Great Scott!) – and it’s just normal Pepsi in a cool bottle. So there’s nothing that special about it, apart from the awesome bottle.

Watch the advert for Pepsi Perfect below:


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