Screen Robot’s top ten films of 2013

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As voted for by the Screen Robot writers, these are Screen Robot’s best films of the year

the place beyond the pines gosling mask

Releasing the top ten films of the year list is an annual bump in the critical calendar, one that seems to creep slyly forward each time this baffling rock finishes another solar rotation, as various critics scrabble in the hope they’ll get their top ten list out before anyone else. It’s an indulgence as much as it’s a professional perspective on the year in film; a chance for the list-maker to display their individuality in the face of uncool popular opinion.

Instead of a handful of lists from selected writers, we decided in 2013 to embrace socialist ideals and opt for a collaborative top ten films of the year list here at Screen Robot. The only criteria was this: the films each of us put forward for consideration must have been released theatrically in the UK between 1st January and 31st December. The voting averages threw up some interesting results, with one (very) clear winner and some compelling near misses – The Great Beauty, Nebraska, Frances Ha, Cloud Atlas, The World’s End and Before Midnight all just linger beyond the inclusive warmth of tenth place.

The final ten, however, are an indication of what I like to think we represent at Screen Robot. Our top ten films of 2013 list is overall a mixture of the commercial and the cult, the conventional and the experimental, of which our number one film is a perfect summation. Many of the features listed below are divisive, a little strange, defiantly adult, definitely controversial, but undoubtedly unique works of art. It’s clear that 2013 has ultimately been a good one at the movies. Here’s to an even better 2014.

Featured image: Focus Features

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