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Spider-Man for PS4 Reveals Big DLC Plan

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Being a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has never been more chaotic than in the upcoming PlayStation exclusive title, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The upcoming game promises to be one of Marvel’s best open world game adventures yet. Stepping into the web-slinging shoes of everyone’s favorite Spider-Man Peter Parker, you find yourself battling a wave of crime in New York City as a band of villains escape the infamous prison The Raft and target you together.

We’ve seen a lot of coverage of this game over the last couple of years. After the success of DC’s Batman: Arkham series with Rocksteady Studios, Marvel has been primed to bring the same style of gaming to their heroic universe, and Spidey is the perfect hero to bring that to life. The beautiful animation style combined with free flow action and a historic comic book mythos coming to life on the screen make this one of 2018’s most anticipated games.

Yet as we gear up for the game’s September 7th release, gamers are already eagerly anticipating the game’s DLC release schedule and are eager to learn what the DLC will entail. Well the game developers have released Spider-Man’s first DLC installment, titled The City That Never Sleeps. The DLC will consist of three chapters to be released a month apart from one another. The first chapter will be titled Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, and will focus on a well known Spider-Man character, Black Cat. Her real name is Felicia Hardy, and she’s been everything from a cat burglar, jewel thief, on again/off again romantic partner to Spider-Man, and more recently a crime boss in the comics. She’s singular from other heroic love interests, in that she cares more for the Spider persona and mask than the man underneath, and only helps him when it’s of interest to her.

This first piece of DLC for the Spider-Man game is sure to delve deep into the relationship between the hero and the thief, and the chaotic struggle the two often find themselves in. This DLC is scheduled to drop on October 23rd, 2018, and will include not only Black Cat, but new missions and outfits as well. The second chapter of the DLC is titled Turf Wars and will release in November 2018, while the third chapter of the DLC will be called Silver Linings and will release in December 2018. No details are known on these other two chapters of this first DLC outing, but if the first chapter is any indication, the additional content coming to the game is set to keep players invested in this open world game for years to come.

As this game proves, developers are beginning to put more and more emphasis on a game’s DLC as they do on the game itself. How much of the Marvel universe will this first Spider-Man outing give fans? Only time will tell. Find out on September 7th, 2018 when Marvel’s Spider-Man launches on the PS4.

What do you guys think about the first DLC title and details? Let us know in the comments below.

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