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Spider-Man Swings Through Marvel Universe

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When the very first Batman: Arkham Asylum game hit store shelves back in 2009, DC Comics put themselves on the map of the video game industry. Thanks to the incredible writing of Paul Dini and the development by Rocksteady Studios, DC Comics increased their popularity with the gaming community. The series became an icon in it’s own right as a result. While their competitor Marvel has had a few successes with games like the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance franchise or the Lego games, nothing has really captured the superhero genre quite like the Arkham games have. That is until Insomniac Games developed Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The upcoming game has been highly anticipated for a couple years now. In the last year alone some really amazing trailers have showcased the breathtaking graphic designs of the game, the action fueled gameplay that allows players to swing through New York City as everyone’s favorite web-head, and amazing detail to the comic book history of the character. We’ve seen several characters shown throughout the trailers, from Spidey’s allies to his ever growing rogue’s gallery, including the likes of Kingpin and Rhino.

Yes all of these trailers are showcasing a game that PlayStation 4 fans around the world hope will rival the popularity and amazing gameplay of the Batman: Arkham franchise. The open world setting allows players to stop gangs during crimes in progress, battle villains and explore the city that gave rise to the hero of neighborhoods everywhere. Even Spidey’s civilian persona Peter Parker get’s in on the action, interacting with the people in his life and facing down people like J. Jonah Jameson. Yet until now one question has remained on the forefront of everyone’s minds: does the rest of the Marvel Universe exist within the realm of this game, or is it a separate universe altogether?

Well some of you who have been eagerly awaiting an answer will be happy to note that a brand new trailer has been released, featuring two very iconic Marvel locations within NYC. In the trailer we get a glimpse of Spidey swinging past both Avengers Tower and Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. While the heroes associated with these locations have not been confirmed to appear or affect the story at all, getting this confirmation they exist in Spidey’s video game world is truly cool to see. While Batman’s games had small easter eggs filled with Justice League and DC related goodies, perhaps Spider-Man’s game will delve deeper into the larger Marvel Universe than his DC counterpart did.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the trailer. What other Marvel locations do you want to see in the game and beyond?



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