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Think the Star Wars prequels were a CGI mess? These amazing shots will change your mind

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Tiny streets and miniature planets in these amazing behind the scenes shots

We’ve all heard the Star Wars prequels described as “a CGI mess”, “all green screen”, “a steaming pile of computer-generated bantha poodoo”, etc. But as Episode VII rolls toward our screens, more and more of us are starting to accept that this simply isn’t true. Although in interviews and press releases, George Lucas appeared to always focus on his new CGI effects, it seems that behind the scenes a fortune had been spent on creating life-size sets and vehicles, animatronic costumes, vast armadas of miniature starships, and most fascinatingly, sprawling, intricately-crafted miniature cities and landscapes.

A revolutionary thread on The Jedi Council forum has compiled a huge number of production stills from the Star Wars prequels. Take a look at some of these breathtaking shots:


Theed City, Naboo, from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Just why exactly did the droid army forget to bring a BFG with them?


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