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Syfy Drops New Tremors Series – But here’s the Trailer

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Fans of the original 1990 Tremors franchise were left saddened to hear that last month Syfy had scrapped plans for a new TV series based on the films starring Kevin Bacon as repairmen Val McKee and Earl Bassett as Fred Ward. Now that the Tremors pilot trailer has hit the internet, and as you can imagine, it’s as awesome as one would imagine.

Even though the plot details were left out, the new series was confirmed to pick up where the original film ended. More action was to carry on in the small desert town of Perfection, in Nevada where the “Graboid” (the scene where they are picking names is brilliant) carnage originated.

Now 59, Bacon, who was set to pick up his role as Valentine “Val” McKee, said that the pilot that filmed was, “fantastic,” and that he feels gutted his dreams of returning to Perfection were not going to come true.

So, what do you think of the Tremors pilot? Hopefully, another network like Netflix will pick it up? Let us know you think in the comments below!


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