Ten of the best British sitcom characters

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Featuring a Welsh former roadie for The Who, a moronic Marxist and a rubbish horror novelist


If British TV is stuck in a rut, then our sitcoms are currently somewhere far under the rut, being compressed into coal, oil and other carbonate materials. In fact, Scott Rutherford recently wrote a pretty brilliant Screen Robot article about this very fact. Not so long ago, Britain could ‘stand up’ (I’m so sorry) and claim to be the king of popular comedy, but somehow it all vanished and we’re now praising derivative stage-play slapstick and the kinds of shitty innuendos not seen on our screens since the 60s.

Just to hammer home what a fucking awful state the genre is in right now, let’s remind ourselves of ten of the best sitcom characters to grace our little British TV screens. Nice cuppa tea, anyone?

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