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Ten great overlooked independent films

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In the world of indie filmmaking, the good and the great can go unnoticed – here are ten you ought to track down.

Finding independent movies that actually contain style or substance can be a skill you have to develop if you’re a film fan. With that in mind, this list explores some of those indie movies that were passed by or possibly misunderstood on release that are still worth the watch.


10. Broken Flowers (2005)

broken flowers bill murray

Broken Flowers follows an aging, downtrodden ‘Don Juan’ (Bill Murray), a guy who’s just been dumped and has an ambiguous quality surrounding him from the get go. While the film’s bubble-like atmosphere draws a watcher in, it has a wonderful minimalist quality; the story is sparing and Murray’s character is subtle, but in a very interesting way. Quiet and unique, Broken Flowers is definitely a film worth seeing if you’re interested in movies with a lasting resonance.

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