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The ten greatest movie hedonists

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9. Ben Sanderson – Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

leaving las vegas cage

Nicholas Cage’s portrayal of a failed screenwriter on a quest to drink himself to death is the only entry on this list that will give you absolutely no joy. Leaving Las Vegas is a great film, but it’s deflating from first to last. Still, as far as hedonistic alcoholics go, they don’t come deeper than Ben Sanderson. He just bloody loves bourbon, literally buying it by the trolly-full and chugging it by the bottle. He is so in love with bourbon that the only way he can he can entertain the idea of sex with Sera, his prostitute companion played by Elizabeth Shue, is if she is covered in the stuff. In fact, in saying so, he expresses something other than a desire to slowly self-destruct for one of the only times in the film. It’s…it’s pretty depressing.


Image: United Artists


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