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The ten greatest movie hedonists

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4. Dr. Gonzo – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

fear and loathing in las vegas dr gonzo

Now, Raoul Duke is pretty bad, but you get the impression that it’s all mainly a fun-loving journalistic experiment for him. His attorney Dr. Gonzo – based on Hunter S. Thompson’s real life attorney Oscar Zeta Acosta – is a darker beast altogether. First off, he takes the drug abuse to a way darker place than Duke; just remember the bathtub. He also abuses his powers as a lawyer, consorts with Satanists to obtain drugs harvested from the living, indulges in regular violence and intimidation against men and women, feeds LSD to a naive under-age paintress, attempts to essentially date-rape her and tries to peddle heroin to adjacent cars from a moving vomit-streaked convertible. That’s a rap sheet.


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